Sussex Castles


Footpath around the burgh with scenic views

No physical structures remain, only a raised mound

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The village of Burpham is 3 miles northwest of Arundel

Refreshments available at the George pub

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View from Burpham burgh © Simon Carey,

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Burpham was a Saxon settlement near Arundel. It was listed in Alfred’s Burghal Hidage and part of king Alfred’s defense against the vikings.  According to the Burghal Hidage, Burpham was responsible for providing 720 men to defend England from invaders, when needed. 

The town is located two miles north of Arundel on the east bank of the river Arun. It is a large roughly rectangular earthworks with a defensive ditch. The site is approximately  2000 feet north to south, 700 feet wide at the top and a narrow waist of only 150 feet.

There is little to see above ground now, but the site showed substantial Saxon activity. There are Post holes for large  buildings and the remains of pots, cookware and various animals including pigs, calves, chickens, sheep, fish and fresh water oysters.