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Ypres Castle is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Rye. It was built in 1250 by Roger of Savoy.  The castle was later sold to John d' Ypres around 1430, from whom, it takes its present name. With a commanding view over the river Rother, it was intended as defensive post against any potential invaders.

One of Ypres Castle early uses was as a prison. The courtyard, now planted as a medieval garden, was the women prisoners exercise yard. Originally prisoners were kept 5 to a cell, male and female prisoners together. Later it was found that separating male and female prisoners was worked better. The castle now houses part of the Rye town museum.

Ypres Castle


Castle was built as a defensive position and then used as a prison

Good views of the surrounding countryside

Excellent local museum

Visitor Information

Ypres castle is located in Rye, 12 miles east of Hastings in the A259

Outside the castle accessible year round, paid admission for entry to museum

Parking and public bathrooms in Rye

Refreshments available in Rye